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Underwater Scooters Swii Sublue

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Color: Orange
Battery: 158Wh

Basic characteristics:

  • Smart powered kickboard with strong buoyancy, excellent power and portability for adults and children above 6 years old.

  • Built-in dual propeller system that can provide 5kgf thrust.

  • Taking into account ergonomics and scientific allocation of weight and buoyancy, Swii can provide stable and comfortable user experience.

  • The detachable and rechargeable lithium battery provides safety, portability and running time. Battery Life: 45 mins.

  • Includes: Kickboard, Charging stand, Adapter & Power Cord, Battery, Battery Protection Cover, Instructions.

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Henrik Rud

Underwater Scooters Swii Sublue

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Underwater Scooters Swii Sublue
  • Dimension: L550mm x W375mm x H135mm; L121.65" x W4.76" x H5.3"
  • Weight: Less than 5kg or 11lbs
  • Speed: 1m/s or 3.28ft/s
  • Battery Life: 45 mins
  • It is recommended to wear a T-shirt to avoid sunburn


  • Adding Power Brings More Fun
  • Enhance your experience at the pool and the beach
  • Relax and let the Swii do the work for you
  • Endless entertainment for everyone in the family
  • Forget the floaties and say hello to Swii

 How to use:

  • Lay upon the Swii, push the start buttons with both hands to switch on or off
  • The strong buoyancy makes it suitable for both adults and children.
  • The handle on the back makes it portable.
  • The removable battery could be replaced in 3 seconds. Small capacity and long battery life, 30 minutes on average

 Considerate design:

  • Two speed modes for you to choose from, making your experience both safe and exciting
  • The high-quality EVA material feels natural and comfortable to human skin
  • The status light can indicate the status of the device with multiple colors
  • The built-in dual power propeller can stop in 0.2 seconds in case of foreign objects

 App smart control: 

  • The built-in Bluetooth module enables the device to be connected to the mobile app for customization
  • A simple touch on the screen can adjust functions such as speed switch, battery monitoring, customized settings of the breathing lights, safety lock, self-cleaning and self-checking.

SKU: 8501759

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