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Payment Methods

Policy of prices: 

Senaitech B.V. reserves the right to change the prices of products and services offered through its website at any time and unilaterally. In order to guarantee the buyer the accuracy and safety of the price of his goods, this price will be valid in the advertisement coinciding with the time of ordering. 

Purchasing process: 

In an interactive electronic purchase process, the buyer's steps will be followed according to the options menu of the website owned by Senaitech B.V.: Information about the product offered to the customer: specifications, description, manufacturer's brand, approximate photograph (if any). The purchased product may undergo minor changes in the components, characteristics or advantages of the batch of which it is composed, due to changes introduced by the manufacturer, if these are not a quality defect of the product. 

Product Price Information:

Information about the final price or sale price of the product to be purchased, indicating the final cost to the purchaser, including VAT, shipping charges and insurance for goods and handling associated with transportation. Thus, the final cost will be communicated to the purchaser during the e-purchase process prior to making an acceptance by selecting the “order acceptance” option from the options menu. 

Acceptance of the order:

at the time of ordering, after the option of the menu for accepting the order has been used, it is considered that the customer's consent has been given in relation to the validity and entry into force of the sales contract that binds the parties. Senaitech B.V., in its pursuit of quality and customer service, always strives to make the advertised products available. However, in the event of exceptional circumstances related to situations that lead to the end of the stock of the product, the order and the contract concluded between the parties may be invalidated by virtue of this clause of the resolution. Senaitech B.V. fully refunds the amount paid by the client in case of prepayment. The amounts are paid to the same person, without any compensation in favor of either party for breach of contract, consequential damage or loss of profits.

Forms of payment by the client:

The following payment systems are established:   
The following payment systems are installed: Prepayment: cash deposit or bank transfer to a bank account owned by Senaitech B.V.; in both prepayment methods with an explicit indication of the order number to which the payment relates. 
Credit Card: Visa or Mastercard

Invoice :  

The invoice is always issued in Euros, so customers who place an order in a different currency may be hurt when their bank hands them the final amount. This change can be both favorable and unfavorable for the client and is beyond the control of Senaitech B.V., therefore, claims about this will not be accepted. Senaitech B.V. warns that subsequently he will not change the invoices in accordance with the current regulations. The customer must place his order in the name of the person or company who will receive the invoice.