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Diving Fins Mares Excite Pro

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Basic characteristics:

  • Featuring an open foot pocket and a rigid blade, the Excite Pro fins offer a precise and efficient underwater experience.

  • Crafted from high-performance materials, these fins deliver superior thrust and durability, minimizing leg fatigue during extended dives.

  • The strategic combination of rubber and TPO on the blade creates an amplified channel thrust effect, maximizing propulsion with each stroke.

  • Experience unparalleled efficiency as the special channel thrust system enhances water movement, translating minimal effort into maximum thrust.

  • It is recommended to use the open heel design with neoprene booties or dive socks.

  • Available in sizes XS to XL, the new Excite Pro fins cater to various divers, ensuring a tailored fit for underwater adventures.

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Diving Fins Mares Excite Pro

The Excite Pro diving fins feature an adjustable blade length, ranging from 36 to 40 cm, depending on size. They include an open foot pocket for easy wearing and improved underwater maneuverability. Crafted from innovative, high-performance bi-materials, these fins provide exceptional thrust while minimizing leg fatigue. The unique distribution of rubber and TPO on the blade enhances the channel thrust effect, allowing for more efficient water movement and increased thrust with less effort. Available in sizes XS to XL, the new Excite Pro fins come in a stylish grey color. The Excite Pro version is designed with a more rigid blade than the Excite version, offering enhanced thrust potential with a slightly increased physical demand. Additionally, the new, vibrantly colored elastic straps contribute to improved ergonomics, further enhancing the overall experience of the Excite Pro diving fins.


  • Innovative materials for a more harmonious thrust
  • Enhanced channel thrust effect
  • Optimised to reduce fatigue
  • Colour-coordinated elastic straps


Fit: XS – 34/37, Blade 36cm/14.1in

Fit: S – 37/41, Blade 39cm/15.3in

Fit: R – 41/44, Blade 40cm/15.7in

Fit: XL – 44/48, Blade 40cm/15.7in


OPB - Optimized Pivoting Blade: Allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle, whereas traditional fins achieve this only during a small portion of the cycle. OPB produces a constant thrust, which minimizes fatigue and produces fluid movement through the water.

Channel Thrust: Soft longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking. This channel shape moves a greater amount of water resulting in more thrust for the same effort.


Material: Thermoplastic rubber-Technopolymers

Blade Thrust Area: 800cm² / 124in²

Weight of Single Fin: 0.9kg / 2lb

SKU: 410026-XSGR

Barcode: 792460348128

Vendor: Mares

Weight: 1.8 kg