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Vin Blade SEAC W-22

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Color: Black/Red

Basic characteristics:

  • Advanced FRC technology.

  • 22 degree angle for optimal finning.

  • Seamless foot pocket compatibility.

  • Resilient and durable design.

  • Ergonomic and efficient.

  • Fits Seac Motus/W-22 foot pockets.

  • Light for comfortable diving.

  • Pack info: Sold individually.

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Fin Blade SEAC W-22

Superior Performance: Crafted with Seac's FRC technology, the Seac W-22 Blade offers carbon fiber-like performance without the fragility of composite materials. Its highly elastic technopolymer retains shape under extreme conditions, ideal for divers of all levels.

Precision Engineering: The 22-degree inclination of the Seac W-22 Blade complements the natural ankle angle, enhancing finning efficiency. Strategically placed stabilizing fins optimize water flow control, ensuring maximum performance.

Seamless Integration: Compatible with SEAC Motus/W-22 fin foot pockets, this blade seamlessly integrates into your dive kit. Thoughtful design and versatility make it an essential addition to your diving gear.

Pack info: Sold individually.

    SKU: 73-60-NR

    Barcode: 8002908470048

    Vendor: SEAC

    Weight: 0.8 kg