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Scuba Diving Fins Prolight Cressi

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Color: Blue

Basic characteristics:

  • A highly advanced design for this fin that is moulded from two materials with very different characteristics: a strong polypropylene for the blade and soft elastomers (thermo rubber) for the foot and protective inserts.

  • The result is an extremely light and well-balanced fin, of average size, with surprising reaction time and a formidable thrust. The side stringers that extend all along the blade and two flaps situated along the end of the blade itself make the fin very directional.

  • The blade originates from the upper part of the foot pocket, with a 20% increase in useful surface area compared to a traditional fin of the same length.

  • The foot pocket is computer designed and guarantees ideal transmission of the leg-fin thrust.

  • The lightness and perfect balance of the materials, together with the extremely modern design, make Rondine Pro Light a generous fin that provides exuberant performance without too much physical effort.

  • These fins are perfect both for beginners and for professionals and are very common amongst instructors and technical divers.

  • These fins should be used with neoprene booties or dive socks.

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Scuba Diving Fins PROLIGHT XS/S Blue CRESSI


  • Very flexible low modulus polypropylene structure
  • Robust construction
  • Excellent durability and versatility
  • Ideal power/manageability/comfort/price ratio
  • Very comfortable foot pocket
  • 360o rotating buckle with exclusive fin attachment
  • Medium-low stiffness
  • Possibility of adapting the EBS buckle system in natural latex.

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