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Foil Blaster Kohala 2000 with 75 cm mast

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Basic characteristics:

  • Kohala FOIL Blaster: The ultimate accessory for elevating your paddleboard experience, perfect for those looking to explore the Foil trend in SUP/surfing.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from premium carbon fiber, ensuring durability and optimal performance on the water.
  • Generous Wing Surface: Features a wing surface area of 2000 cm², providing stability and smoothness during your rides.
  • Medium-Sized Mast: Equipped with a 75 cm aluminum mast, ideal for users with some SUP/surf experience looking to transition into foil boarding.
  • Convenient Transport: Includes a handy carrying bag for easy transportation and storage of your Foil equipment.

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Foil Blaster Kohala 2000 with 75 cm mast

This new product from the Kohala Foil Blaster range includes everything you need to take your board to the skies. Composed of a base formed by the fuselage, stabilizer, wing, and surface, it is made from high-quality carbon fiber material.

A great investment that will last you a long time. The wing surface area is 2000 cm².

Additionally, the 75 cm mast is of medium size, perfect for those with SUP/surf experience but who have not practiced the new FOIL trend extensively. It is made from aluminum, allowing for cost-effective use of various sizes depending on the skill and ability acquired.

The product includes a bag for easy transportation.


  • Size: 110 x 71 x 75 cm;
  • Mast: 75 cm;
  • Fuselage: 71 cm;
  • Stabilizer: 48.3 cm;
  • Wing: 110 cm;
  • Surface area: 2000 cm².

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