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Folding Fins

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Kit: Basic

Basic characteristics:

  • The world's first Folding Fins, a true game-changer - developed and patented by Exotech.

  • These specialized, lightweight fins can be folded in half lengthwise to create a travel-ready package. 

  • They can be redeployed for diving within seconds. 

  • The blade's flexible, durable membrane was inspired by fish fins. 

  • The small fins pack more power than you'd expect and are highly maneuverable. 

  • The open-heel pocket is user-adjustable, with four points of adjustment and two different-size bungee straps.

  • Recommended to use with diving boots

  • More information below in the description.

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Folding Fins - Basic

Compact.  Designed for those who care about freedom and the environment. You can travel with ease, not thinking about luggage space.

Adjustable. No more choosing the size, you decide what is perfect for you. Adjust each of the foot pocket's strap to your preferences.

Bio-mimetic. The bio-mimetic membrane in between of two flexible laths, empowers a unique movement experience. Designed like a fishtail, connected with the nature.

Efficient. As it moves, the membrane create sahydrodynamic tunnel and efficiently directs the water flow. Streamlined laths' design gives to user an additional performance in crease, while maintaining low muscle energy consumption.

Long-lasting. Thoughtful construction thanks to which each elementis replaceable. Created with the user in mind. Created for the future.

Made in EU. The fins are entirely produced in the European Union and the material used in production also comes from local suppliers.

What's in the box

  • 1 Pair of Folding Fins
  • 1 user manual/warranty
  • 2 regulation key
  • 2 small size heel holder
  • 2 large size heel holder
  • 2 extra lock pin
  • 2 silicon band

Technical Details

  • Length (folded): 23.7 in. / 60.2 cm
  • Width (folded): 3.3 in. / 8.5 cm
  • Length (unfolded): 23.7 in. / 60.2 cm
  • Width (unfolded): 11.6 in. / 29.4 cm
  • Weight: 3.7 lb. / 1.7 kg

More Info


  • The Future In Your Hands

Our SeLock folding mechanism is like the Transformer of fins. With a simple click&flip, the mechanism folds and unfolds them within a seconds! Plus, it's patented, so you know you're getting the real deal.

  • Fold & GO

Designed to make your diving experience more convenient than ever before. Weighing only 1.6 kg, they are lightweight and easy to transport. When folded, they take up to 3 times less space, leaving you with plenty of room for all your other essentials. Say goodbye to bulky dive gear and hello to hassle-free travel.


  • Fit Them By Yourself

Folding Fins feature an advanced strap adjustment system that allows you to fine-tune the fit to your exact specifications. Each strap can be easily adjusted up and down, providing unparalleled precision and control over your sizing. Dive with confidence, knowing that your Folding Fins are customized to your unique preferences.

  • One-Size-Fits-All

Ditch the old way of choosing fin sizes. Our Folding Fins are one-size-fits-all, giving you the perfect fit every time.

  • Many Possibilities

The cutting-edge 4-point system and adjustable straps offer huge variation of combinations for the perfect fit. Each pin can be easily pulled out to adjust the straps to the given length.

  • Bio-mimetic

The membrane between two flexible blades mimics the natural movement of a fish tail, providing unmatched agility and speed. Just feel connected with the ocean like never before.


  • Unleash Your Real Skills

Experience unmatched maneuverability and efficiency with our bio-mimetic fins. With their advanced construction, you can easily execute turns, helicopter movements, and reverse kicks without any trouble. The membrane adapts to the water flow, allowing for a smooth and simple experience. Dive like a pro with the high-performance fins.

  • Easy Like Never Before

With the innovative bio-mimetic membrane, you'll effortlessly catch and push water for unbeatable thrust force. Coupled with the thin, sharp blades that slice through water with ease, your movements will feel light and smooth like never before.

  • Revolutionize Your Dive

Discover the depths like never before with Folding Fins – perfect for experts and beginners alike. Join the revolution and dive into your next underwater adventure...

  • Natural Power

As it moves the unique membrane creates a hydrodynamic tunnel that streamlines your movement and enhances your performance. Feel your true power and enjoy the ultimate diving experience.

  • Glide Through The Water

The blades' sleek and streamlined design maximizes performance while minimizing muscle energy consumption.

Highest Quality

Extensive testing led our designers to select ECO B elastomer, a sustainable material that delivers the same high-performance as standard materials, but having in the same time up to 72% biomass content. This innovative material is resistant to UV sunlight, rapid deflections, sea saltwater, and various temperatures.

Made in EU

Folding Fins are proudly manufactured in the EU with a commitment to high-quality production standards. Our state-of-the-art factories ensure every part and process is carefully inspected by experienced professionals. Plus, we source our materials from trusted local suppliers.

Modular Design

User-friendly design with replaceable elements construction. We've carefully crafted each component to ensure easy replacement, making maintenance a breeze. Our innovative approach not only makes your life easier but also supports a sustainable future.


Folding Fins are crafted from a unique elastomer formula that can be recycled multiple times without losing its properties, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. This is not just a dream, but a reality.

CO2 reduced

Say goodbye to bulky and wasteful packaging - our fins are designed for efficiency and sustainability. With a perfectly fitted package and compact size, we're reducing our carbon footprint with every delivery.


Invest in fins that are not only better for the environment but also for your wallet. With a modular design and easy repair options, our Folding Fins last longer than traditional fins, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run.


Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. We use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, making the paper journey just as sustainable as your underwater adventures.

Green energy

Discover the perfect balance of performance and sustainability with our Folding Fins, made of ECO B elastomer. With up to 72% biomass content by weight, this recently introduced range of solutions delivers the same high-level performance as standard elastomers.

SKU: 8527063

Barcode: 8435638527063

Vendor: Folding Fins

Weight: 1.7 kg