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Freediving en Speervissen Vinnen SEAC BM30

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Color: Black

Basic characteristics:

  • The unique feature of SEAC BM-30 fins lies in this technology, which combines innovative materials with hydrodynamic and ergonomic geometries.

  • Negative fins and fin blades that are thinner than their technopolymer predecessors, thanks to the material's fluidity and specific weight.

  • The product design leverages the mechanical properties of the compound for an elastic response similar to that of carbon and glass fiber.

  • No risk of breakage or permanent deformation of the blade due to the compound's high resilience, high yield, and tear strength, even at low temperatures.

  • Strength and high resistance of the FRC materials' elasticity allow for full exploitation of the typical geometry of carbon and glass fiber blades without the need for reinforcing ribs or protection.

  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to common technopolymers used in the industry, with a total absence of toxic elements.

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Freediving and Spearfishing Fins SEAC BM30

Discover the groundbreaking SEAC BM30 fins featuring the innovative FRC™ (Fully Responsive Compound) technology. This technology marks a significant advancement in fin design, combining performance characteristics similar to carbon fiber and glass with enhanced durability and flexibility.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced FRC™ Technology: Developed by Seacsub, FRC™ technology offers unprecedented mechanical properties, resulting in high-performance fin blades.
  • Enhanced Blade Design: Thin, lightweight blades crafted from the unique compound, providing elasticity comparable to carbon and glass fiber.
  • Exceptional Resilience: FRC™ ensures no risk of breakage or deformation, even at low temperatures, with high resilience and tear strength.
  • Optimized Geometry: The blade's design leverages the material's properties for optimal hydrodynamics and ergonomic performance.
  • Carbon-Footprint Friendly: Reduced environmental impact compared to traditional technopolymers, free from toxic elements.

Blade Construction:

The SEAC BM30 blade is engineered with two distinct materials, offering stability with a stiffer sole and enhanced comfort with a softer upper section.

  • 30° Angled Blade: Facilitates surface finning and accommodates natural ankle inclination during dives.
  • Stabilizing Fins: Strategically placed to prevent sideways drifting without compromising blade flex and power.

Foot Pocket Design:

Similar to the successful Motus series, the BM30 foot pocket blends stability with comfort:

  • Dual Material Construction: Stiffer sole for stability and softer upper for prolonged comfort.
  • Optimized Geometry: Accommodates the 30° angled blade, enabling optimal flexion and responsiveness.

Available in 6 sizes:

  • EU 36/38 ~ UK 3.5/5.5 ~ US 4.5/5.5
  • EU 39/40 ~ UK 6/7 ~ US 6.5/7
  • EU 41/42 ~ UK 7.5/8.5 ~ US 8/8.5
  • EU 43/44 ~ UK 9/10 ~ US 9.5/10
  • EU 45/46 ~ UK 10.5/11.5 ~ US 11/12
  • EU 47/48 ~ UK 12/13 ~ US 12.5/13.5

Experience the SEAC BM30 fins, meticulously crafted in Italy at Seacsub's solar-powered facility, representing the pinnacle of fin technology and performance.

SKU: 71-56N-36-38

Barcode: 8002908458992

Vendor: SEAC

Weight: 2.18 kg