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Freediving and Spearfishing Fins SEAC Motus Camo

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Color: Green

Basic characteristics:

  • The Seac Motus long fins are preferred by freedivers and underwater fishermen due to their exceptional comfort and user-friendly design.

  • Innovative closed-shoe design ideal for free diving.

  • Comfortable full foot pocket suitable for barefoot use or with neoprene socks.

  • Interchangeable blade crafted from special technopolymer for enhanced flexibility and reactivity.

  • 22-degree angle between blade and foot optimizes thrust power with reduced effort.

  • Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density.

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Freediving and Spearfishing Fins SEAC Motus Camo

The Seac Motus long fins are favored by freedivers and underwater fishermen for their exceptional comfort and ease of use. The 22° angle between the blade and foot pocket maximizes thrust with minimal effort.

These fins are simple to wear due to the dual thermoplastic foot pocket, combining a harder rubber sole with a softer back.

For the best fit, pair them with 2-3mm neoprene socks like the Seac Standard 2.5mm or Seac Anatomic Camo 3.5mm, matching the size of your daily shoes. The Seac Motus long fin blade offers excellent reactivity and powerful propulsion, ideal for diving and dynamic apnea training.


  • Optimal fit: The two-material foot pocket ensures optimal foot comfort without sacrificing efficiency during finning.
  • Power in motion: The 22° angle between the foot pocket and the blade guarantees maximum thrust with less fatigue for the legs and ankles.
  • Interchangeable blade: Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of different blades in camouflage or carbon colors.
  • Sizes for women and men: The range is very wide, from 36/38 (ideal for women) up to 47/48.

Available in 6 sizes:

  • EU 36/38 ~ UK 3.5/5.5 ~ US 4.5/5.5
  • EU 39/40 ~ UK 6/7 ~ US 6.5/7
  • EU 41/42 ~ UK 7.5/8.5 ~ US 8/8.5
  • EU 43/44 ~ UK 9/10 ~ US 9.5/10
  • EU 45/46 ~ UK 10.5/11.5 ~ US 11/12
  • EU 47/48 ~ UK 12/13 ~ US 12.5/13.5

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