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Freediving Mask SEAC One Camo

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Color: Piranha

Basic characteristics:

  • The Seac One scuba mask features an anatomical skirt made of high-quality hypoallergenic liquid silicone that conforms to the face's contours for comfort.

  • Easily adapt the Seac One with prescription lenses for myopia (-1.0 to -6.0 diopters, sold separately) to enhance underwater vision.

  • Built with a polycarbonate frame and tempered glass lenses, the Seac One includes an adjustable strap with an "Easy Touch" buckle for quick and secure adjustments.

  • Comes with a transparent protective.

  • Ideal for recreational diving, snorkeling, and free diving, the One is popular among spearfishers, especially in the black silicone version.

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Freediving Mask SEAC One Camo

The Seac One is a mask designed for scuba diving but is equally suitable for snorkeling, free diving, and spearfishing. It features two symmetrical tempered glass lenses, a polycarbonate structure, and an anatomical skirt made of hypoallergenic liquid silicone. The strap is easy to adjust thanks to the "Easy Touch" buckle with a release button.

The Seac One Mask also supports optical lenses (sold separately), allowing you to customize the mask to your own prescription.

It is available in 5 versions, 4 with transparent silicone and one with black silicone, making the Seac One an ideal mask for spearfishing.


  • Anatomical Design: Seac One Camo features a high-quality, hypoallergenic liquid silicone anatomical skirt.
  • Quick Adjustment: The strap is easy to adjust thanks to the "Easy Touch" buckle with a release button.
  • Corrective Lenses: Seac One becomes a graduated diving mask thanks to the corrective lenses for myopia from -1.0 to -6.0.
  • Protective Case: Seac One comes with a special protective hard case.

                SKU: 9452CV

                Barcode: 8002908381757

                Vendor: SEAC

                Weight: 200 g