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Volledig Gezicht Snorkelmasker SEAC Libera Junior

SKU 170-20AO-SKL
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Color: Aquamarine/Orange

Basic characteristics:

  • The Seac Libera Junior represents the evolution of full-face snorkeling masks, incorporating all the technical features to create an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

  • Junior (< 10 cm) sizes introduce a smaller skirt and frame, providing a lighter and more comfortable fit for smaller faces.

  • Like all Seac full-face snorkeling masks, the Libera Junior is tested in the laboratory with Ansti machines and dedicated equipment to measure breathing performance and control CO2 levels.

  • It offers a perfect fit thanks to adjustable elastic straps on both the upper and lower parts of the head.

  • Quick-release buckles on both sides of the mask allow you to remove the Seac Libera Junior with just one hand.

  • Includes all the most popular features of Seac's full-face mask: wide panoramic anti-fog screen, patented separate channel breathing system, dry top snorkel, purge valves, high-quality soft hypoallergenic silicone.

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Full Face Snorkeling Mask SEAC Libera Junior

The snorkeling experience is elevated to a new level with the Seac Libera Junior, a top-of-the-line panoramic full-face snorkeling mask representing the evolution in this category. It enables natural breathing through both the mouth and nose with minimal effort, setting a new standard for comfort and performance.


  • Panoramic View: Experience unparalleled visibility with the wide polycarbonate screen that offers a clear view of the underwater world.
  • Size: Junior (< 10 cm) sizes introduce a smaller skirt and frame, providing a lighter and more comfortable fit for smaller faces.
  • Patented Breathing System: Enjoy effortless and natural breathing with the innovative breathing system, which separates inhaled and exhaled air into distinct channels, preventing fogging and ensuring comfort.
  • Dry Top Snorkel: Equipped with a dry top snorkel system, the Seac Libera prevents water from entering the mask, even during accidental immersion, and features bright, visible colors for added safety.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt and body provide a comfortable and secure seal, ideal for prolonged underwater exploration.
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps: Customize the fit with elastic straps that can be adjusted at both the top and bottom of the head, ensuring a secure and personalized fit.
  • Quick-Release Buckle: Effortlessly remove the mask with one hand using the convenient quick-release buckle, enhancing ease of use and convenience.
  • Lab-Tested Safety: Tested with Ansti machines and dedicated equipment to ensure natural breathing and controlled CO2 levels, providing peace of mind and safety during snorkeling adventures.
  • Stylish Design: The exciting colors of the Seac Libera appeal to those who prioritize style, even at the beach.

    SKU: 170-20AO-SKL

    Barcode: 8002908454024

    Vendor: SEAC

    Weight: 860 g