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Manipulator Bundle Pack 6 Attachments Deep Trekker

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Basic characteristics:

  • Turn your ROV into a versatile work vehicle with the Manipulator Bundle.

  • Included are interchangeable measuring and sampling tools, as well as manipulators for different sizes and shapes of objects.

  • Equip your ROV with the all-in-one underwater Manipulator Bundle Pack.

  • Each of these manipulators was purpose-built for customers with specific tasks in mind.

  • You must have the Grabber on your DTG3, Photon, Pivot or Revolution in order to add the Manipulator Bundle.

  • The Manipulator Bundle includes: Interlocking Jaws, Tri-Jaw, Caliper, Sediment Sampler, Water Sampler.

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Manipulator Bundle Pack 6 Attachments Deep Trekker

Explore a world of underwater possibilities by equipping your ROV with the comprehensive Manipulator Bundle Pack. Designed to transform your ROV into a versatile workhorse, this bundle includes a range of interchangeable tools and manipulators tailored for specific tasks.

Each of these manipulators was purpose-built with specific tasks in mind.

To unlock the potential of the Manipulator Bundle, you must already have the Grabber Arm attachment on your DTG3, Pivot, or Revolution ROV. This enables seamless integration and functionality for the complete underwater toolkit.

The Grabber attachment on your DTG3, Photon, Pivot, or Revolution is a prerequisite for adding the Manipulator Bundle.

Included Manipulators:

  • Interlocking Jaws: These interlocking jaws are helpful for delicate object handling or drowning victim recoveries.
  • Tri-Jaw: The Tri-Jaw manipulator is best suited for flat or round objects.
  • Caliper: The caliper is ideal for measuring objects such as chains, small pillars, slabs, and more.
  • Sediment Sampler: Use the sediment sampler to collect samples from the sea floor or lake bed effectively.
  • Water Sampler: The water sampler can draw in water samples into its syringe, making it perfect for sampling at different depths to measure variations in the water column.

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