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Mares SLS Slide an Lock System

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Basic characteristics:

  • Latest generation ballast system: The new SLS Slide and Lock System from Mares.

  • Visual aid for correct attachment: Provides a visual indicator to ensure proper attachment of the jacket pocket system.

  • Prevents unintended weight pocket release: Designed to avoid accidental release of the weight pockets.

  • Small size with 4 kg capacity, large size with 6 kg capacity: Available in two sizes for different weight capacity needs.

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Mares SLS Slide an Lock System

The new SLS Slide and Lock System represents Mares' latest generation ballast system. This system employs a mechanical interference-based mechanism that, upon insertion, securely positions the holding prongs, preventing retraction. Upon release, it not only eliminates interference but also retracts the prongs inward using a system of sliding surfaces, facilitating the removal of male and female buckles.

Ease of use is ensured by a large handle and a jacket tunnel that control ballast pocket insertion, aligning the male buckle with its female counterpart. Upon sliding the slider, a distinct 'click' is heard, accompanied by a green closed padlock appearing in a dedicated window, replacing the previously visible red open padlock.

The small pocket accommodates 4kg with a heavy-duty zip, while the large pocket offers a capacity of 6kg with a heavy-duty zip.


  • Robust zipped pocket
  • Effortless insertion into the pocket
  • Visual aid to ensure correct attachment
  • Prevents unintended release of weight pockets
  • Easy usability with thick gloves.

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