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Mares VR Second Stage XR Line

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Use: Normal Use

Basic characteristics:

  • The VR second stage was designed by Mares, in response to divers' needs.

  • Its unique hose entry design into the body sets it apart in the market.

  • Considered the best among bailout stages for rebreathers due to this feature.

  • Also ideal for stage cylinders when the hose is routed under the user's shoulder.

  • Created to offer premium performance and user comfort.

  • Valuable for rebreathers and sidemount setups, with significant versatility for stage cylinders.

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Mares VR Second Stage XR Line

The design of the second stage VR originated from addressing the requirements of divers seeking a premium performance product that is also comfortable to use. Its distinct hose entry into the body sets it apart in the market. This characteristic positions it as a leading product among bail-out stages in the realm of rebreathers. It is equally well-suited for stage cylinders when the hose is routed under the user's shoulder. Additionally, it holds significant value in sidemount configurations.


  • The first second vertical stage
  • Excellent breathing position
  • Integrated sagittal VAD (S-VAD)
  • Single bubble discharge
  • Oversized silicone discharge button
  • Freedom of movement in all positions
  • Ideal for stage tank with decompression or travel and sidemount configuration
  • Can be mounted left or right
  • Hose position “under the shoulder”
  • New excellent Miflex carbon/titanium hose coated with polyurethane
  • Greater resistance to cuts, abrasions, explosions and UV rays - less float
  • Watertight - flexible and comfortable


Material: Ultralight Technopolymer

Second stage weight: 199g / 7oz

Hose Type: Miflex XT-Tech Hose

Second Stage 1: Technopolymer second stage

Second Stage 2: Standard downstream valve

Flow Rate (STP): 560l/min - 20ft³/min

Weight (without hose): 199g / 7oz

Hose length: 110cm / 43in

SKU: 416408-NR

Barcode: 792460341587

Vendor: Mares

Weight: 1.46 kg