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Scanning Sonar Imagenex 852 with Integration Kit DTG3 Deep Trekker

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Basic characteristics:

  • The Imagenex 852 Single Beam Mechanical Scanning Sonar is an effective tool for target identification in murky waters and conveniently mounts onto our ROVs.

  • It utilizes 360-degree scanning technology to provide comprehensive surround-view surveys, offering insights into the surroundings up to 50m away.

  • The device is positioned on top of the DTG3 ROV.

  • It emits a single acoustic beam in a 360-degree pattern, and the device calculates reflections using software.

  • The software generates a 2D image based on these reflections, which serves as a visual reference for proximity to large solid structures.

  • While not suitable for direct inspections or surveys, it aids operators by providing a visual sense of their distance from significant objects.

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Scanning Sonar Imagenex 852 with Integration Kit DTG3 Deep Trekker

Imagenex 852 Single Beam Mechanical Scanning Sonar. The small device sits on top of the DTG3. Sending out a single acoustic beam in a 360 degree pattern.

The beam’s reflection is calculating on return by the device combined with the software. As it scans, the software paints a 2D image of these reflections.

The visual cannot be used for inspections or surveys themselves, but can assist in giving you a visual reference of how far you are from large solid structures.

Sweeping Sonar for Search and Rescue

This Sonar helps search and recovery teams or inspection operations either by allowing you to see where a large structure like a sea wall is relative to you, or by seeing a centrally placed search target is in relation to you (some customers place a dog cag on a rope to mark the middle of a search area for a sonar to identify).


  • 360-degree scanning
  • Great for navigation
  • 50m range

Underwater Hardware Specifications

  • Finish: Hard Anodize
  • Connector: IE55-1206-BCR Penetrator
  • Frequency: 675 / 850 kHz
  • Interface: RS-485 @ 115.2 kbps (RS-232 optional)
  • Materials: 6061-T6 Aluminum & Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: View Images
  • Transducer: Imaging type, fan beam, fluid compensated
  • Power Supply: 9 – 50 VDC at less than 3.6 Watts
  • Weight in Air: ~270 g (0.6 lbs) with 24” pigtail
  • Weight in Water: less than 200 g (0.4 lbs) with 24” pigtail
  • Range Resolution: 20 mm
  • Cable Length: 1000 m on typical twisted shielded pair
  • Operating Depth: 300 m
  • Detectable Range: 150 mm
  • Transducer Beam Width: 2.5° x 22°
  • Transmit Pulse Length: 100 microseconds.

Software Specifications

  • Modes: Polar, Sector, and Side Scan
  • Grid Type: Polar
  • Step Sizes: Normal (2.25°), Fast (4.5°)
  • exe: v2.10
  • File Format: (filename).852
  • Sector Size: Sector Mode: 0° – 180°, 18° increments Polar Mode: 360°, continuous
  • Range Scales: 5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m
  • External Input: Depth, Heading, Turns
  • Windows™ Operating System: Windows™ XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Recommended Minimum Computer Requirements: 100 MHz Pentium 16 MB RAM 1 GB Hard Disk 800 x 600 x 256 colour graphics

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