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Scuba Diving Fins SEAC F1

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Color: Blue

Basic characteristics:

  • The Seac F1 diving fins weigh just 730 grams each but deliver unrivaled reactive thrust with minimal effort.

  • Rigid sections of the blade are interconnected by a special Ultra Flex technopolymer network, ensuring high impact resistance and abrasion protection, even in low temperatures.

  • The rubber material and easily adjustable strap of the Seac F1 fins provide a stable, secure fit that keeps the fin firmly in place on the foot, featuring a non-slip sole with raised rubber profiles.

  • Despite being designed for recreational diving, Seac F1 fins incorporate features typically associated with professional fins, reflecting Seac's commitment to quality and underwater performance research.

  • These fins are lightweight and perfect for travel due to their compact design.

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Scuba Diving Fins SEAC F1

The Seac F1 diving fins feature a sturdy foot pocket, square profile, and reinforced edges—all remarkable features considering its lightweight design at just 730 grams. These fins embody the quality and research into underwater performance typical of the Seac brand, offering qualities often found in professional-grade fins despite being designed for recreational use.

The blade of the Seac F1 is engineered to minimize diver effort while delivering exceptional thrust for its weight. The Ultra Flex technopolymer network integrates rigid sections of the blade for flexibility, effortless return of the fin, and reduced exertion. This unique design ensures high impact resistance, even at low temperatures, and features rib protection to prevent abrasions.

The foot pocket is crafted from a blend of polymers for stability and includes a practical non-slip sole with raised rubber profiles for added grip.


  • Techno-polymer Dual Material: High-performance material with excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures.
  • Foot Pocket Material: Combination of techno-polymer and thermoplastic elastomer for stability and comfort.
  • Lightweight Design: Perfect for travel due to their lightweight construction.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • XS/S ~ EU 34/36 ~ UK 1.5/3.5 ~ US 5/6
  • S/M ~ EU 37/39 ~ UK 4/6 ~ US 7/8
  • M/L ~ EU 40/42 ~ UK 6.5/8.5 ~ US 9/10
  • L/XL ~ EU 43/45 ~ UK 9/11 ~ US 10.5/11.5

        SKU: 71-37B-XS-S

        Barcode: 8002908410419

        Vendor: SEAC

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