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Scuba Diving Mask SF1 Cressi

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Color: Blue

Basic characteristics:

  • The SF1 is the new Cressi’s frameless scuba diving mask for ladies and men. The frameless masks are loved by many divers for their low-profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BC pocket. 

  • Cressi’s frameless design bonds a high-grade silicone skirt directly to a single lens for the ultimate in simplicity. The silicone is the ideal material that ensures a comfortable fit and a perfect seal.

  • The silicone face is assembled directly on the glass without mounting. This system guarantees good visibility in all directions, especially towards the sides, since it allows a maximum eye/lens approach without annoying pressure on the forehead or upper part of the nose.

  • The lens is made of tempered glass and certified by the CE (European Community).

  • The buckles are completely tiltable and with immediate regulation of the strip with one hand. The anchoring of the buckle system on the mount prevents deformation of the silicone facial during the use of the mask (typical of the models that anchor the buckles on the facial itself) and the tension of the strip is produced aligned with the plane of the glass, optimizing the level of proximity of the eye/lens to the user’s taste and, therefore, the volume and optimal visibility of the mask.

  • The low-internal volume allows for effortless clearing and quick-adjust strap buckles are molded directly into the skirt for a flexible fit and reduced drag. It also represents an unbeatable value, with a cost roughly half that of similar masks.

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Scuba Diving Mask SF1 Transparent Cressi

Mono-lens made of tempered glass

Frameless design

Skirt in pure hypoallergenic soft silicone

Head strap in silicone

SKU: ZDN331020

Barcode: 8022983155845

Vendor: CRESSI

Weight: 0.2 kg