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Snorkel SEAC Flash

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Color: Clear/Turquoise

Basic characteristics:

  • Sleek J-shaped design tailored for free diving and deep spearfishing.
  • Advanced anti-splash mechanism prevents water intrusion into the snorkel.
  • Suitable for larger facial profiles as well.
  • Crafted from durable PVC, featuring a flexible corrugated hose for nozzle angle management.
  • Ergonomically designed silicone mouthpiece ensures comfortable wear.

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Snorkel SEAC Flash

Dive into the depths with confidence using the Seac Flash snorkel, tailored for the discerning free diver. Its innovative design boasts an anti-splash top, effectively warding off unwanted water intrusion during your underwater explorations.


  • Innovative purge valve system facilitates rapid water expulsion, ensuring uninterrupted dives.
  • Durable PVC tube construction with liquid silicone bellows offers robustness and flexibility.
  • Corrugated flexible hose allows easy adjustment of the nozzle angle, ensuring optimal positioning.
  • Silicone mouthpiece provides a comfortable ergonomic fit, promoting relaxed jaw positioning for extended wear.
  • Founded in Italy in 1971, Seac continues to lead the industry in crafting premium diving gear, with each product undergoing rigorous individual verification and testing.

SKU: 84-26A-SKL

Barcode: 8002908391442

Vendor: SEAC

Weight: 100 g