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Snorkeling Fins SEAC Azzurra

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Color: Light Blue

Basic characteristics:

  • The Seac Azzurra snorkeling fin is crafted with maximum comfort in mind, ensuring an enjoyable experience during recreational activities.
  • While primarily intended for snorkeling, the fin's strong thrust also makes it suitable for training sessions of finned swimming in the sea.
  • The fin features a closed foot pocket made of soft rubber, offering a snug and comfortable fit for extended use.
  • The closed foot pocket allows for wearing barefoot, enhancing the overall comfort and convenience of the fin.
  • The rubber rims on the blade contribute to its stability and durability, ensuring reliable performance in various underwater conditions.

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Snorkeling Fins SEAC Azzurra

Immerse yourself in the underwater world with the Seac Azzurra snorkeling fin. Designed for utmost comfort during recreational activities, it's your ideal companion for a smooth and enjoyable snorkeling adventure.


  • Primarily crafted for snorkeling, the Seac Azzurra fin boasts impressive thrust, making it equally suitable for finned swimming training in the sea. Whether exploring coral reefs or training for your next swim, the Seac Azzurra fits perfectly.
  • Featuring a closed foot pocket made of soft rubber, it ensures a snug, comfortable fit, even when worn barefoot. This allows you to focus solely on your underwater exploration without distractions.
  • With rubber rims on the blade for added stability and durability, the Seac Azzurra promises consistent performance in various sea conditions, making it a reliable companion for extended underwater sessions.

SKU: 71-54AZ-36-37

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