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Snorkeling Set Petites Pommes Betty

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Color: French Rose/Ruby Red

Basic Characteristics:

  • Model: Betty Snorkeling Set.
  • Purpose: Designed for underwater exploration and adventures.
  • Age Range: 6-14 years.
  • Mask Material: High-quality silicone with an adjustable strap.
  • Vision: Tempered glass for secure, superior vision.
  • Snorkel Design: Easy-breathe snorkel with a large opening for maximum airflow, suitable for smaller lungs.
  • Comfort: Soft silicone mouthpiece and added silicon skirt to prevent leaks.
  • Included: Delivered in a practical easy-dry drawstring mesh bag.

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Snorkeling Set Petites Pommes Betty

Take a dive and explore the magic under the sea with the new Betty Snorkeling Set. Featuring a soft and comfortable design with an adjustable wide-vision mask and an easy-breathe snorkel, this is a must-have for seaside summer adventures!

The Mask:

  • Made from high-quality silicone and with an adjustable strap, the mask has a comfortable and water-tight fit.
  • Tempered glass for secure, superior vision.
  • Added silicon skirt prevents leaking and guarantees a dry diving experience.
  • The snorkel can be removed for the mask to be used alone.

The Betty Snorkel:

  • Easy-breathe kids’ snorkel (6-14Y) with a large 2 cm diameter opening to allow for maximum airflow suitable for smaller lungs.
  • No bottom valve, which is more suitable for children learning how to use a snorkel in water.
  • Soft and comfortable silicone mouthpiece.
  • The snorkel has a simple buckle that is easy to adjust and attach to the mask.

Delivered in a practical easy-dry drawstring mesh bag.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse with fresh water after each use.
  • Ensure all parts are completely dry before storing.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Regularly check for any signs of wear or damage.

Safety Note: We strongly advise against children under the age of 6 using a snorkel. Young children do not have fully developed lungs and may also lack the physical coordination needed to swim while breathing through a snorkel.


Barcode: 5745000204045

Vendor: Petites Pommes

Weight: 300.0 kg