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Two Function Grabber Arm with Integration Kit DTG3 Deep Trekker

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Basic characteristics:

  • Equip your DTG3 ROV with a two-function grabber or manipulator arm for a wide range of applications.

  • Utilize it to retrieve objects, hold tools, and deploy equipment without requiring divers.

  • Consider purchasing the Manipulator Bundle alongside the Grabber for expanded functionality.

  • The DTG3 includes a rotating two-function manipulator designed for underwater sampling and work.

  • The Two Function Grabber is included in the Expert and Navigator packages, offering convenience and versatility.

  • The grabber's jaws can be swapped with various alternatives included in the Manipulator bundle, allowing it to perform a wide array of tasks, including retrieval, sampling, and tool holding.

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Two Function Grabber Arm with Integration Kit DTG3 Deep Trekker

The Two Function Grabber for the DTG3 comes included in the Expert and Navigator packages. It is a plug and play option that mounts on the bottom of the DTG3, the jaws open to 5" (125mm) wide and close with approximately 70 lbs (32 kg) of locking force.

The jaws can be interchanged with a variety of other options with the Manipulator bundle. The grabber can perform many tasks, including retrieval of drowning victims, lost gear, samples, as well as hold tools such as bottles of dye for leak detection, rulers for measuring, carabiners for deploying lines and more.


  • Infinite 360-degree rotation
  • Opens to 125mm (5") wide
  • 32kg (70lbs) locking force
  • Quick change manipulators
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Plug and play on ROV

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